Saturday, October 07, 2006

Philly cheese steak

I've done this one a couple of times already and it's very popular with the kids. I don't follow any set recipe; I just did a google search and read a bunch of different recipes and combined the ones I liked into my own version.
For 4 sandwiches

1 large onion (red, spanish, yellow as you prefer)
2 bell peppers (green or red are probably best)
3-4 stalks celery (optional)
2 lbs steak (see below)
cooking oil
4 kaiser rolls
12 slices provolone cheese (more if you like it cheesy)
favourite BBQ sauce

1. First, when choosing the steak, any cut suitable for grilling will do. When choosing, make sure you get a thicker cut, at least 1/4" or more. put it in the freezer for about 1.5 hours until partially frozen. This will make it easier to slice into thin strips.

2. Slice onion so you'll get nice meaty slices. Chop peppers fairly small, so they'll get soft quickly. Same with cerery if you choose to add those. Celery is fairly heretical here, but I like the crunchyness so I add it.

3. slice meat into long thin strips.

4. Saute the veggies in the cooking oil for 5-8 minutes, at least. When they're starting to get soft, take them out of the pan and put them aside for a minute.

5. Now put the meat in your pan and saute for a couple of minutes, until mostly cooked.

6. Add back the veggies and cook all together for a couple of minutes to get everything combined with the juices and for the veggies to get soft.

7. Slice the kaiser rolls and put the cheese on. Kaiser rolls are extremely heretical here. However, they are nice because since they're round the filling doesn't squeeze out as easily.

8. Spoon the steak & veggie mixture onto the cheese.

9. Put some BBQ sauce over the mixture. This is also quite heretical, but I love the combination. My current fave BBQ sauce is Loblaw's PC Beer & Chipotle sauce, but whatever you have is fine.
This is a great weekday meal because it's easy and doesn't take all that long to prepare if you have all the ingredients (at least the steak) pre-sliced.

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